Thứ Bảy, 15 tháng 10, 2016

Irobot roomba the pet series

I thought I would review the my own Irobot Roomba.

We own the Irobot roomba 560 pet  version. I ordered the pert version because we have to cats that love to shed their fur on the main carpet. The main reason for getting the irobot in the first place. However with the amount of hair I knew would be picked up I went for the pet series.

With the pet series you get an extra large bin, this is twice the size of your regular bin. I didn’t think we would need it but unless you want to be emptying your irobot daily I would definitely recommend it. After 3 major hoovers of the house, our bin tends to be full.

The unit also comes with extra brushes and beaters, I find this extremely useful as it allows me to just switch out the brushes when they get extra hairy. Then once a week I have my cleaning time when I clean both sets of brushes and Irobot roomba.

Who should get this Unit. If you have Hairy pets I definitely recommend this unit over the others. I also recommend this unit if your home is high traffic and needs regular cleaning. I’m thinking it would come in very useful for families with big families. Or small families but with lots of friends. I also think this unit would be useful for carpets that deal with lots of debris.

I was also very happy to find that the Pet series model also comes with all the other features of the top end Irobot Roomba.

If your concerned how your pets will handle the Irobot, Both Vinnie and Bobby our to cats just stay out of its way and pretty much ignore it. But Irobot provide the following information for when you introduce your Irobot.

Each pet responds differently. Most are initially curious but will quickly learn to ignore it. Although some pets play with Roomba! Special safety features, including gentle-bump sensors, anti-tangle technology and automatic shut-off, keep your pet safe and ensure that noses and paws will not be harmed if a curious pet interacts with Roomba. We recommend that you run Roomba for the first few cleaning cycles while you are at home with your pet(s) so they can get used to it. After that, you can run Roomba whether you’re at home or on the go!